What is SmugMug 'Unlisted' Privacy Setting?

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This setting makes your galleries accessible to anyone with the link. They aren't visible to people browsing your site, but you'll be able to see it whenever you're logged in as the site owner. Additionally, you'll see a banner at the top of these galleries telling you that it's not public:

The best part is that you can share these galleries with friends and family because anyone with the direct link can browse the photos inside. And, because the URL contains a randomly generated 'key,' it's nearly impossible to guess the link. Unlisted galleries are not indexed by search engines.

Tip: When you share the link, be sure to copy all of the letters in the URL that your browser gives you. They may look like a random jumble, but they're literally the key to ensuring that your guests are legit. Links to 'Unlisted' galleries won't work without them. You can also add a password to an unlisted gallery if you wish.