What is SmugMug 'Public plus Password' privacy setting?

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SmugMug allows you to add a viewing password to any gallery on your SmugMug site to make sure that only authorized guests get to see your photos. When you password protect a public gallery, that gallery is no longer available in Google search results or any other search engine results. It will, however, continue to show publicly on your website's 'Browse page', and in the folder containing it if you opt to display them on your site.

People who visit your password protected galleries will be prompted to enter the password and will be shown the password hint if you've included one.

Password security is something that everyone should take seriously. According to SmugMug, here are some best practices:

  • Do use a STRONG password. Fourteen characters, not a word found in the dictionary, a combination of letters, numerals, and symbols or a string of unrelated words or parts of words.
  • DO NOT use the client's name, the name of the gallery, birthdays or other easy-to-remember but easy-to-guess phrases for the password.
  • DO NOT use a password hint on galleries that absolutely require privacy. If your client can guess based on that hint, other people can, too.