What is SmugMug Organizer?

Mambo is a free photo/video backup assistant that helps you to keep your memories backed up to your SmugMug account.

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Trusted by users in 130+ countries.

SmugMug organizer is a place where all the editing, creating, sorting, deleting, keywording, captioning, and arranging are done for your SmugMug site. You can say, it is a command central or the admin panel of your SmugMug website. When you are logged in your SmugMug account and click 'Organizer' from the header toolbar on every page, it displays all the galleries, folders and every page on your SmugMug website. That's about everything all together at one place. 

All the tools and 'setting controls' are available on this page i.e. in the 'SmugMug Organizer' page. For example, if you need to tweak settings at each folder, page or gallery level, it is this place where you can make desired changes.