What is Smart Gallery Rule?

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Making a SmugMug gallery Smart means that you are giving some specified instructions to pull photos that match the 'Rules' you define. You can create, edit, or delete Rules for any gallery. The 'Rules' available to you are given below:

Smart Gallery Rule on SmugMug

  • Include or Exclude: By default, SmugMug set this to Include, but if you choose to set a Rule to leave out specific photos, choose Exclude.
  • My Photos, Family, or Friends: Did your brother take some great photos of Mickey, too? If you designate him as your friend or family, you can pull from his public galleries.
  • Keyword: Type in the keyword you're looking for, or pick it from the list. One per line, please. If you want to do multiple keywords, click Add New Rule for each one.
  • Date: You can choose the date the photo was taken (if that information is contained in the file information) or when you uploaded the photo to your account. SmugMug gives you a handy pop-up calendar to select your date range.
  • Popular: Choose this to include photos that have been commented on or collected by others.
  • Geography: Use this option to search through your geotagged photos. You can either specify a location or drop a pin on our map.
  • Gallery: If you want us to draw from a specific gallery, indicate that here.