What are the different privacy and access levels available to SmugMug users?

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SmugMug gives you several privacy and access levels that you can apply to your galleries, folders, and SmugMug pages.You can mix and match how visible or locked down you want your photos to be by tweaking your Visibility and Access settings.


Following are the visibility options available to you:

  • Everyone (Public)
  • Anyone with the Link (Unlisted)
  • Only Me (Private)


Following are the types of Accesses, which change depending on the Visibility you choose:

  • Anyone
  • Anyone with the Link
  • People with Password
  • People I Choose

Note: You can password-protect any public or unlisted Gallery/Page/Folder. You can find the privacy settings in your Organizer. Highlight the gallery, page, or folder you want, and then click the Settings button.