What are SmugMug Privacy Settings?

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SmugMug provides several security options for folders, galleries, and pages so that your photos and stories can be shared, stashed or locked away however you wish. You have full control over how you want to set the level of privacy i.e. across your site, for your folder, for each gallery and/or your pages. Be sure that you are using the privacy settings that are right for you, your family and your clients. Following are the privacy levels available to you:

Privacy Settings on SmugMug

You can set the privacy for visibility and access to your account. You'll find the privacy settings in your 'Organizer'. Go to the 'Settings' for each page, gallery or folder and select the 'Security and Sharing' tab from the settings menu.


  • Everyone (Public): Available to the public
  • Anyone with the Link (Unlisted): Hidden from the public
  • Only Me (Private): Seen only by you

Types of Access

  • Anyone
  • People with Password
  • People I Choose