What are SmugMug Header Tools?

Mambo is a free photo/video backup assistant that helps you to keep your memories backed up to your SmugMug account.

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Trusted by users in 130+ countries.

When you are logged in your SmugMug account you can access all your tools from a single convenient location. All your controls are there for you right in your header. The content of the header menu depends on the page you're working on. And the header is only visible to you i.e. the logged-in owner. The header and the header menu is not visible to your page visitors.

Header Tools on SmugMug

Upload: The Upload button is shown on every page of your site, and it knows whether you're on your homepage or a folder page, or if you're within a gallery. The proper menu will display depending on the page you are viewing.

Organize: Access the sitewide organizer from any page on your site. From there, you'll be able to manage all your content:

  • Change any folder, page, or gallery settings.
  • Sort, arrange and delete folders, galleries, and pages.
  • Create new content pages when viewing your site from any folder, gallery, or homepage by clicking the Create button in this menu.

Customize: The Customize menu allows you to completely personalize your SmugMug site. 

Sell: The Sell menu allows you to access your selling tools from any page on your site. View your sales history, adjust pricing, manage your personal branding options on orders, and edit your coupons, packages, and events.