What are SmugMug Gallery Styles?

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The SmugMug gallery styles determine how your photos would display on your page. With the help of gallery styles, you can enhance your visitor's browsing experience. SmugMug offers you 6 gallery styles to choose from. Each gallery style has it's own unique look and feel to it. As a site owner, you have the option to customize the style on a per-gallery basis to always show your photos at their best. Or, you can also choose one style for all your galleries.

The Gallery Styles Available to SmugMug Users

  • SmugMug: It is the default gallery style i.e. thumbnails on the left and display image on the right.
  • Thumbnails: Show only thumbnails in the gallery, but when you click a thumbnail, it shows a large version of the photo in Lightbox mode.
  • Collage Landscape: This gallery style displays your photos collage-style, emphasizing landscape-oriented photos.
  • Collage Portrait: This gallery style displays your photos collage-style, portrait-oriented photos.
  • Journal: This gallery style helps you create a visual story wherein you display your photos with an in-depth photo caption describing the place, people, or the event.
  • Slideshow: It displays your gallery photos as a slideshow i.e. your photos will automatically play in a slideshow.