How to Upload RAW Files to SmugMug?

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To add larger files and other file types like RAWs, TIFFs, and PSDs you need to have SmugVault. SmugVault is an additional service to your current SmugMug account and it allows you to store anything for a small additional charge. The files which are not supported by SmugMug can be stored here in SmugVault and accessed in your SmugMug galleries.

Upload RAW Files to SmugMug

In order to backup RAW files to SmugMug you need to have SmugVault. Because SmugMug only supports JPEG, PNG, GIF files. Whereas, SmugVault supports all the other file types, such as RAW, TIFF, PDF, PSD etc. SmugVault is an added service to the SmugMug account that you get by paying a little extra charge.Upload RAW files to SmugMug

  1. After adding SmugVault to your SmugMug account, follow the usual upload procedure and upload all of your RAW files as well as Jpeg files.
  2. The JPG has to be uploaded first and then RAW's with the same filename so that they are bundled automatically.
  3. This means you might see a jpeg in your gallery with a RAW image and a PSD file bundled with it. Visual browsing through your RAW files is much easier this way. So, it is better to upload JPEG / JPG files along with your RAW files.