How to upload photos to a SmugMug gallery via eMail?

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You can upload photos to your SmugMug gallery using 'Email Upload' feature. You can use this feature to add photos from your regular email account to SmugMug gallery. You can also upload photos from your mobile phones using an email account. This feature is secure and helpful for your friends who want to upload photos to your SmugMug gallery. To use 'eMail Upload' feature, you need to set a password. This password will be used as the subject line when you send an email. You can add photo's caption into the body of the email (this is optional).

  1. Go to & sign in to your account.
  2. Once you have signed into your account, click "Organise" button located at top of the window.
  3. Click the Tools button located at the top right corner of your SmugMug pages.
  4. Click "Account Settings" option.
  5. Click "Me" & then "Account" tab.
  6. You will see "Email Upload" field. Enter a password in the "Email Upload" field. Choose a password that is different from your SmugMug account login password.
  7. Compose an email containing one or more photos or attach the photos to the email and send to [email protected]
  8. Type your photo email password into the subject line.
  9. Type the photo's caption or description into the body of the email (optional).
  10. Click "Send" button.
  11. SmugMug will automatically create a gallery named "Email" and place your photos in it.