How to Update SmugMug Profile Information?

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New to SmugMug? There are a plethora of things that you need to do right away. Here's a guide on how to update SmugMug profile information that will make your site an awesome one.

Update SmugMug Profile Information

  • To create or update your SmugMug profile information start by clicking the 'Me' icon in your header toolbar.
  • Select 'Edit Profile' option. This opens an overlay with two tabs where you'll enter your information.

About Me

  • In the 'About Me' tab you can add your name, name your site, add your contact email address, select a profile photo, cover photo, and more.
  • Choose your profile photo from the images you've uploaded to your site.
  • When you select a profile photo, the headshot outline icon in your header toolbar will be replaced by that photo.
  • If you choose to add a cover (background) photo, it will appear behind the text you add to the description box. It has a 1:3 aspect ratio.
  • Use the 'Description' box to tell a nice story about yourself, your business, or whatever you want!


  • Select the 'Social' tab to fill in links for all your social-media sites.
  • Once you've filled in everything you want, don't forget to save your changes!

Now when you Customize your site and select the 'Profile' content block for a page, it will be filled with information you entered above. This content box can be added to your homepage for any plan type. If you have a Power plan or higher, you can add it to any page on your SmugMug site.