How to Make SmugMug Site SEO Friendly?

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Want to show up your site in Google search results and be found when anyone Google you? In order to appear in Google search results, you SmugMug site needs to be SEO friendly. Apart from the meaningful, descriptive, and relevant title, description, and keywords, there are some additional factors that determine your search results. They are as follows:

Make SmugMug Site SEO Friendly

  • Site Maps: Log in and set your Account Settings > Discovery > Search > Google Search Visibility to Yes. Save your changes.
  • Homepage Meta Description: Log in and visit your Account Settings > Discovery > Search tab. Enter a few descriptive words in the Homepage Meta Description about the kind of photography you do, or what your website is all about.
  • Homepage Meta Keywords: These give search engines a way to classify your site. In your Account Settings > Discover > Search tab, enter specific, descriptive keywords that describe what you do. Avoid repeating terms and general terms that everyone else will probably use.
  • Page Title Bar: Enter descriptive information about you and your website in your Account Settings > Discovery > Search. Once you save your changes, the browser title will reflect your custom text, followed by the Custom URL you've given to your Folder, Page, or Gallery. If you leave the Browser Title blank, the only thing shown will be your site name.
  • Folder Meta Description and Meta Keywords: Log in and go to Customize > Folder Settings (or Gallery or Page) > Basics. Enter descriptive information about your gallery, folder, or page and click Save.
  • Gallery Titles: Give your galleries good, descriptive, specific names when you create them. You can edit or customize the URL for the gallery on the New Gallery page in the 'Gallery URL' field, or edit an existing gallery's Custom URL via the Gallery Settings page.
  • Gallery Descriptions and Meta Keywords: This bit of text is also revealed during searches, and when you link to galleries on external sites like Facebook. Log in and go to Customize > Gallery Settings > Basics. Enter descriptive information about your gallery and click Save.
  • Keywords, Filenames, and Captions: You can add keywords and captions at the gallery or photo level and it is recommended you do both. Be sure that you assign keywords to all of your photos and galleries. Keywords can be entered before uploading via programs like Lightroom, or after upload from the Organizer.