How to Hide Account Owner Information for a SmugMug Gallery?

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You can hide account owner information for a gallery on SmugMug, but it has its own added disadvantages. Hiding account owner information will remove the nickname from your URL and make it completely SmugMug. The custom 'Banner' will be replaced with the SmugMug banner. This will also remove all customization on the page. Links to your homepage won't appear, only the gallery name will. The watermarking feature as well as the coupons won't work if the account owner information is hidden. If you still want to proceed with this setting follow the process below:

Hide the Account Owner Information for a SmugMug Gallery

  • Log in to your account and click 'Customize'.
  • Now, go to your gallery settings and locate 'Hide Owner' option under the Security & Sharing tab.
  • To enable i.e. to hide owner information turn it 'On' it is off by default.