How to Find a SmugMug Photo's EXIF Information?

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EXIF information is useful when you want to let your fans know how and where you took that image. To store your image EXIF information you need to enable camera info in your SmugMug gallery settings so others can learn from your photo techniques. Here's how you can enable camera info:

Display a Photo's EXIF Information on SmugMug

  1. Log in to SmugMug and go to 'Customize'.
  2. Click 'Gallery Settings' in your header toolbar first.
  3. In the Gallery Settings menu, click on the 'Appearance' tab and toggle 'Show Camera Info' to ON.
  4. This will add an information icon below your photos that your visitors can click to learn more about what it took for you to capture them.
  5. If you're using the default SmugMug gallery style or Journal style, this information icon will appear under each photo on the right-hand side.