How to 'Enable Right-click Protection' to Protect SmugMug Photos?

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If you are concerned about the unauthorized printing of your SmugMug photos, you can take some preventive measures to protect your photos. One such measure is 'Enable right-click protection'. All subscribers except Basic account holders can foil right-clicking on their photos on a gallery-by-gallery basis. Here's a guide that will tell you how to enable it.

Enable Right-click Protection on SmugMug

  • Select the gallery where you want to enable this feature.
  • Go to the 'Gallery Settings' and click 'Photo Protection' located in the left side menu.
  • To enable right-click protection toggle the 'Right-Click Message' to 'ON'. 

It still allows the user to right-click, save as... (after they see a copyright notice dialog), but the image that gets saved is a blank image. But, it does not work on non-gallery places such as forums, blogs, or Share emails.