How to Download All the Images from a SmugMug Gallery?

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SmugMug allows you to download full resolution copies of your photos and videos. Your downloaded file will contain all photos & videos from your SmugMug Gallery. SmugMug will send you a link to your image gallery via email. This link will work only for 2 weeks. You can either share this link with your friends and families or let them download by themselves. It is a great way to deliver your photos digitally.

Download All the Images from a SmugMug Gallery

  1. Go to & sign in to your account.
  2. Once you have signed into your account, click "Organize" button in the header toolbar.
  3. An "Organize site" window opens up.
  4. You will see all your image galleries.
  5. Select the gallery which you want to download.
  6. Now, click the download button and select 'Download Gallery'.
  7. All your photos in the gallery will be packaged in .zip file and you'll receive an email when it's done.
  8. You can forward the link to whoever you want to share with. It stays for two weeks so get started with the sharing soon.
  9. If your gallery contain fewer files, then the .zip file will be created immediately.
  10. You'll see a pop-up window and download it right away.

Visitor Downloads

Want to give your friends, families, and clients the power to download your photos on their own? Then, follow the process:

  • After logging in your account, Go to 'Customize'.
  • In the 'Gallery Settings, select the 'Photo Protection' tab.
  • Navigate 'Download Buttons' and turn it 'ON'.
  • If you want to password-protect your visitors download, turn the 'Require Download Password' section 'On'.
  • Enter the password in the next field.
  • When the visitors come to your site, they'll see a 'Download All' button on the gallery.
  • On clicking this button, they'll recieve the .zip link via email to download all the photos from your SmugMug gallery.