How to Change the Layout of a SmugMug Site?

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Want to tweak some settings to change & adjust the layout of your SmugMug Site? Well, there are various options available to you with which you can adjust your SmugMug site layout. The settings available to you are:

Change the Layout of a SmugMug Site

  • Layout: You can choose between 'Fixed' or 'Stretchy'. 'Fixed' layout allows you to specify the exact width of your site pages, whereas 'Stretchy' layout automatically fills the available screen space of your site.
  • Margins: With this setting, you can control the amount of space to the top and sides of your page elements.
  • Sections: Allows you to control the Width of the Header, Body, and Footer sections of your site/page.
  • Sidebars: Turning this setting 'ON' will allow you to add content in a right or left sidebar element.
  • Pinning: You can pin your Header or Side Bar so it doesn't move as the viewer scrolls up or down the page.