How to add geo data in bulk?

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Have an entire gallery from one travel destination? You can geotag them all at once! From your organizer, select the images you want to geotag, then click the wrench icon > Location Data.

If none of the selected images have any existing location data:

  1. Click the small map to access the enlarged map panel and choose your location.
  2. The "Remove Existing Data" button will be disabled and not clickable.

If all the selected images have the same location data:

  1. The small map will show a single marker at the spot corresponding to the location data stored in the images.
  2. Clicking the magnifying glass button will open the enlarged map so you can fine-tune the location.
  3. Latitude and longitude stored in the images will display below the thumbnail map.
  4. Clicking the "Remove Existing Data" button will remove the marker.

If your selected images have different location data:

  1. The small map won't display a marker but can be clicked to open the enlarged map panel to fine-tune location data for all images.
  2. "Multiple Sets of Data" will show for the latitude and longitude.
  3. Clicking the "Remove Existing Data" button will remove all location data from the images.