How to Add Basic Background to SmugMug Site?

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Adding an awesome background to your SmugMug site is a great way to impress your visitors. You may try out the background on different devices to check how it will appear to your visitors. SmugMug scales your backgroud if it doesn't fit all the screen ratios. Here's a guide that will tell you more about it.

Add Basic Background to SmugMug Site

  • Log in to your SmugMug account.
  • In the header toolbar, click 'Customize' and go to 'Content and Design' panel.
  • Then pick which page, or set of pages, you want to be working on.
  • This content can be consistent on every page on your site (pick entire site), unique to your homepage, or different on each Folder page. The choice is yours.
  • Now, click on the 'Background' tab in the Customize Panel (it's between Theme and Layout).
  • By default, your background will be inherited from your entire site.

To change this and add a full-screen video, full-screen slideshow, or a series of background images to any location on your SmugMug site, click the drop-down menu to choose the type of background content to add.

Choosing 'None' will cause the Theme's color or texture to display. But there are some really exciting choices:

  • Photo: Select any photo from your site to create a full-screen photo background. You choose: Your image, Whether different image loads on each page refresh, or Masking over your image.
  • Video: Choose a video from your site to create a full-screen video background to engage your visitors. Videos must be less than a minute long and cannot be trimmed after uploading, so make sure you trim your desired video to less than a minute before uploading. You choose: Your video, Whether to play the video once or loop it continuously, A fallback photo for when your visitor's connection speed can't immediately load your video, or Masking over your video.
  • Slideshow: All the control you ever wanted over a full-screen slideshow. You choose: Your images, Playback speed, Transitions and transition speed, A splash image to entertain your viewers while the full slideshow loads.