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What is Mambo?

Mambo is the fastest and easiest way for you to bulk upload and backup your photos & videos to your SmugMug account. With Mambo, you simply choose all the folders on your computer where your photos are, authenticate your SmugMug account and sit back & relax as Mambo backs up all your current photos & videos - and new ones as they arrive - automatically.

Why should I use Mambo?

Today, if you try to upload a big batch of photos to SmugMug, you are restricted by the 200 photos per batch limit on the web. As you try to break up batches and lose track of the exact items in each, you end up with duplicates which creates a bigger mess. And when you have new photos to backup/upload, you have to do all of this all over again. Mambo is far simpler, faster and smarter - it can upload 1000s of photos without any input from you, it automatically de-dupes your photos, it keeps looking for new photos in all connected folders & uploads them on its own. And it's free!

Can Mambo SmugMug Uploader replicate the folder structure?

Yes, Mambo SmugMug Uploader supports SmugMug's 5 level folder hierarchy. A Folder can hold either galleries or up to five layers of nested folders inside it. This results in a total of 7 layers of organization i.e. TOP FOLDER > Folder > Folder > Folder > Folder > Folder > Gallery. Currently, there is no way to upload a directory structure, but with Mambo, you can actually replicate your folder structure.

Does Mambo cause duplicates?

No. On the contrary, Mambo prevents duplicate photos from being uploaded and keeps your SmugMug account clean.

How do I connect my SmugMug account?

Authenticating your SmugMug account in the Mambo is a 10-second process - simple click the connect to SmugMug button and you are taken to the SmugMug page where you allow and authenticate Mambo to backup to your account.

How do I choose photos & videos to upload to SmugMug?

To backup photos and videos to SmugMug, you can choose one or more folders with the Choose Folder button. Mambo bulk uploads all the photos and videos from the connected folders as well as their sub-folders. When you create new folders with photos, you can connect them also - Mambo keeps scanning all connected folders for new photos and videos and automatically backs them up.

Is Mambo SmugMug Uploader Free?

Mambo SmugMug Uploader is FREE to start and you get access to all the important features. You can then upgrade to Premium Monthly or Yearly purchase plan for unlimited uploads at a faster speed. You can see a comparison of all plans here.

Can I set auto-upload time interval?

Yes, SmugMug uploader allows you to set a time interval to auto-upload photos to your SmugMug account. You can change this from the Mambo SmugMug Uploader app interface. This feature is limited to Windows version only.

Can I restart my computer during upload? What will happen to my uploads in the process?

Yes, you can shut down your computer and restart as necessary without affecting the uploads. The Mambo SmugMug Uploader detects it and pauses the uploads and resumes from where it left last time, so there is no loss of information or duplicate photo uploads.

Will I have to connect & upload from a folder every time new photos are added or changed?

Mambo SmugMug Uploader is automatic - it checks for new photos in all connected folders and sub-folders every 30 mins and automatically starts the upload so you don’t have to do anything. You have the ability to change this time interval setting in Windows version from the 'Settings' tab.

Do Mac and Windows have the same Mambo login? Can I use my single subscription for both Mac and Windows?

Yes, the same login is applicable to Mambo SmugMug Uploader for Windows as well as to SmugMug Uploader for Mac. Yes, Mambo subscription is valid for both Mac and Windows versions. In fact, you can use same login details on different Mambo instances.

I am a bit worried sharing my SmugMug account information with Mambo.

Mambo SmugMug uploader uses OAuth to authenticate your SmugMug account. OAuth is the standard and prescribed way to authenticate any third party software without sharing your actual username and password. So, you need not worry about it. In addition to OAuth, our software is 'Code Signed' which means it can't be tampered with. Lastly, we use HTTPS for server interactions.

What about my privacy? Do you keep my SmugMug photos on your servers?

We are fully committed to privacy. Mambo SmugMug Uploader doesn’t keep or store any of your photos or videos on our servers, at all - in fact, the photos are directly uploaded from your computer to your online account without touching the Mambo servers.

Is Mambo resource hungry? Can I work on my computer while SmugMug upload is going on?

Mambo SmugMug Uploader is designed to consume very little resources on your computer so it can run in the background and you can continue to work on whatever you need.

Will Mambo SmugMug Uploader rename folders at SmugMug if I do so on my system?

If you change or rename the photo folder after you have uploaded them to SmugMug, Mambo SmugMug uploader will not change anything on your SmugMug. They remain as it is. However, if you rename folders before uploading them to SmugMug, Mambo will create the same folder on SmugMug as you associate.

What will happen if I delete or rename some of the folders on SmugMug?

Mambo SmugMug Uploader will not make any changes to the folders on your system. If you delete or rename some of the folders/albums on SmugMug, the folders on your PC remain as it is.

Can I change the default SmugMug privacy setting from Private to Family and Friends?

Photos uploaded by Mambo SmugMug Uploader are all private. As of now, if you wish to change these settings from private to friends and family, you’ll have to log in to your SmugMug web account and make desired changes. You can't-do so while you upload them.

Can I upload to an existing album which is named differently than the folder on my computer?

Yes, you can do that with Mambo SmugMug Uploader. Within the application interface, you are given an option to select an existing album where you want to upload to.

Does Mambo upload folders and sub-folders automatically?

Yes, Mambo SmugMug Uploader automatically picks up all sub-folders from the connected folders and uploads photos/videos from all folders and sub-folders.

How can I contact the customer support team?

We make every effort to respond as quickly as possible, and most queries are answered within 24 hours. For any question or help on Mambo SmugMug Uploader, you can email us at [email protected].