#1 SmugMug Uploader for Photos & Videos

Mambo is the fastest photo & video uploader for SmugMug. Mambo gives you unparalleled functionality to bulk upload your photos & videos to your SmugMug account, effortlessly. And its free!

takashi sugano testimonial
"... dramatically reduced efforts to upload thousands of photos to my SmugMug ."
dave testimonial
" My photos are now safely, successfully backed up to SmugMug "
Asing testimonial
"An easy way to make the initial backup to SmugMug."
Asing testimonial
"... I have found to upload thousands of pictures WITH SUB-FOLDERS to SmugMug!"

See How Mambo Works

Mambo is designed to be dead easy & effortless. See how it works and download to start using it within minutes.

Simple, Fast & Easy

Mambo is as simple as it looks - simply connect your SmugMug account, choose your photos and/or videos and your uploads happen, automatically.

Connect your SmugMug Account

1-click authenticate your SmugMug account so Mambo can start uploading photos & videos. All are uploaded as “unlisted” so they are not shared or publicly accessible at all.

Choose Folders

Choose folders with your photos & videos to be backup and your are done - uploads starts automatically. Sub-folders are automatically selected.

Continuous Backup

Mambo continuously monitors for new photos or videos that appear in the connected folders and upload those as they appear - delivering a truly continuous & automatic backup experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mambo?

Mambo is the fastest and easiest way for you to bulk upload and backup your photos & videos to your SmugMug account. With Mambo, you simply choose all the folders on your computer where your photos are, authenticate your SmugMug account and sit back & relax as Mambo backs up all your current photos & videos - and new ones as they arrive - automatically.

Why should I use Mambo?

Today, if you try to upload a big batch of photos to SmugMug, you are restricted by the 200 photos per batch limit on the web. As you try to break up batches and loose track of the exact items in each, you end up with duplicates which creates a bigger mess. And when you have new photos to backup/upload, you have to do all of this all over again. Mambo is far simpler, faster and smarter - it can uploads 1000s of photos without any input from you, it automatically de-dupes you photos, it keeps looking for new photos in all connected folders & uploads them on its own. And its free!

Does Mambo cause duplicates?

No. On the contrary, Mambo prevents duplicate photos from being uploaded and keeps your SmugMug account clean.

How do I connect my SmugMug account?

Authenticating your SmugMug account in the Mambo is a 10 second process - simple click the connect to SmugMug button and you are taken to the SmugMug page where you allow and authenticate Mambo to backup to your account.

How do I choose photos & videos to upload to SmugMug?

To backup photos and videos to SmugMug, you can choose one or more folders with the Choose Folder button. Mambo bulk uploads all the photos and videos from the connected folders as well as their sub-folders. When you create new folders with photos, you can connect them also - Mambo keeps scanning all connected folders for new photos and videos and automatically backs them up.

Are the uploaded photos & videos public or private?

All photos and videos uploaded by Mambo are marked UNLISTED by default and are not accessible by anyone besides you.